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1 680 000 €
80 ha
BERGERAC MANOIR XVIIIème 80 HA LAC Proche de Bergerac, nous vous présentons une très belle unité foncière de 80 hectares d'un seul tenant, comprenant un beau manoir en cours de rén...

16 ha vineyard in the Libourne region with vines, land and meadows

588 000 €
16.3 ha
For sale vineyard estate comprising around 7.80 hectares of AOC Montagne Saint-Emilion and Bordeaux Supérieur, 7.36 hectares of land and 1.60 hectares of meadows and coppice. The v...

For sale Charming wine estate of around 7 ha near Saint-Emilion

1 484 000 €
Just a few minutes from the famous town of Saint-Emilion, clinging to magnificently exposed clay-limestone slopes, this family-run estate of almost 7 hectares was given a new lease...

Dpt Hérault (34), à vendre MARSEILLAN terrain

32 000 €
1.6 ha
Olga vous propose ce terrain agricole actuellement ce sont des vignes cépage blanc d'une superficie totale de 16002 m² CONTACTEZ OLGA au 0612 31 42 52 par tél ou SMS Les honoraires...

Dpt Hérault (34), à vendre MARSEILLAN terrain

30 000 €
0.9 ha
MARSEILLAN à la sortie de Marseillan village Olga vous propose en exclusivité, ce terrain agricole de 8543 m² actuellement exploité en vigne avec un cépage Chardonnay possibili...

Dpt Hérault (34), à vendre MARSEILLAN terrain de 1,4 h

88 000 €
1.4 ha
MARSEILLAN entre Marseillan village et Marseillan plage, Olga vous propose en exclusivité, ce terrain agricole de 1,4 hectare actuellement exploité en vigne avec possibilité de m...

Gard MONTMIRAT terrain non constructible

13 330 €
0.8 ha
MONTMIRAT Terrain agricole d'une surface de 7777 m2 exploité et planté en vignes avec des grenaches blancs. Plantation classée HVE. Possibilité d'acheter d'autres parcelles avec un...

Gard MONTMIRAT terrain non constructible

29 750 €
2 ha
MONTMIRAT Terrain agricole d'une surface de 19790 m2 exploité et planté en vignes avec des grenaches blancs, cinsaults, grenaches noirs. Plantation classée HVE. Possibilité d'achet...

Dpt Gard (30), Wine estate of 16 hectares with cellar and old independent farm.

922 000 €
21.9 ha
In the Gard, this estate includes 16 hectares of vines classified as AOP Côtes du Rhône and 6 hectares of woods and olive trees, offering great potential for wine production. The e...

Dpt Lot (46), for sale near CAHORS Exceptional estate AOC CAHORS P12 of 418 m²

1 665 000 €
Sumptuous property located in AOC Cahors. The Estate is surrounded by gardens with a total surface area of 4.75 hectares. The property is an old farm of approximately 400 m², it ha...
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Buying a vineyard to produce your own wine

Have you always dreamed of becoming a winegrower or winemaker? To produce your own wine, you need to buy a vineyard. Buying a wine estate is a project that deserves careful thought. ( publishes winegrowing ads and helps you find winegrowing properties in the heart of France's vineyards.

Choosing the right winery

The French climate and the large number of terroirs are particularly well-suited to growing vines and producing great wines. The 16 major French vineyards (Alsace, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Bugey, Champagne, Corsica, Jura, Languedoc, Lorraine, Loire Valley, Provence, Roussillon, Rhône Valley, Savoie, South-West) produce 3,240 different wines in 80 départements (covering 750,000 hectares) and are world-renowned.

The quality of these wines depends on many factors: the terroir, the exposure, the grape varieties, the way the vines are worked, the winemaking process and the particularities of each year's climate. Each winery makes its own choice of grape varieties, according to the regulations of its Protected Designation of Origin (AOP), but also according to the properties of the soil and its geographical location. Although 200 grape varieties are authorised in France, the main ones used are almost 70% red grape varieties: merlot, grenache noir, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, carignan, poulsard and trousseau; and white grape varieties: ugni blanc, chardonnay, sauvigon and savagnin.

Buying a wine estate: a profitable and exciting investment

Investing in a wine estate is much more than just buying property, even a château. It's about embracing a way of life, a passion for vines, terroir and wine. Whether you're an experienced winemaker or an enlightened amateur looking to take the plunge into viticulture, we offer a varied range of wine estates for sale. From small family vineyards to large wineries, we have a selection of properties to suit your aspirations.

How much does a vineyard cost?

Buying a wine estate is a major investment, but the price will vary widely depending on the composition of the estate (vines, cellars, equipment, wine stock, etc.) and its location. The price of a hectare of vines can range from €10,000/ha to several million €/ha in some Burgundy crus. It is also possible to invest by buying vines (to lease them to a winegrower), by becoming a partner in a wine company or by buying shares in Groupements Fonciers Viticoles. Buying shares in a Groupement Foncier Viticole will enable you to receive rental income in the form of bottles of wine: a pleasant and profitable investment.

The selling price of your future wine estate will also depend on whether or not you have a house attached. Many estates for sale include a charming or exceptional residential home and are located in exceptional surroundings. Our website offers a wide range of fine wine estates for sale in France.

Who can buy an estate to produce their own wine?

You don't need an agricultural qualification to become a winegrower. So anyone can buy a wine estate for sale. Setting up as a winegrower does, however, require certain skills. That's why you need to make sure you have the right people working for you, both in your region and in your town or city. It's easy to find winegrowing training courses close to your business.

Where can I buy a wine estate in France?

Bordeaux is undoubtedly the best-known wine appellation in France, and has long attracted investors from all over the world. But other wine-growing regions also attract many buyers for the quality of their wines, their terroir and the opportunity to develop a profitable wine business. These include Burgundy, the Loire Valley, the Côtes du Rhône, Provence, Languedoc-Roussilon and the South-West. But you'll find winegrowing properties all over France on our site, including outside the traditional regions.

Support and advice on buying your wine estate

As well as presenting you with a wide selection of wine estates for sale, Ma propriété and its partners offer services to support your buying process. From property valuation to analysis of production potential, not forgetting the legal and financial aspects, we are at your side to ensure that the purchase of your wine estate is a successful experience.
You can also entrust us with the details of your project so that we can put you in touch with an agency or property professional specialising in vineyard transactions in your search area.

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